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Bill Manson

Bill Manson

Peoria, AZ



Artist Bio

Bill Manson is a professional artist whose art is pulsating with color and incorporates energetic graphic styled designs with dazzling style and grace.

Bill was born in Longview, Washington and grew up in the Northwestern United States in his childhood years. Having lived in Washington state, Oregon and Idaho grew his passion and love for color. He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona and has a studio called Art de Amore' (spanish for "The Love of Art"), where he creates his wonderful works. He studied as a performing artist at Grand Canyon College in Phoenix, Arizona and has played drums and percussion since he was 8 years of age. Earlier life experiences while playing as a professional musician and traveling the United States, Europe and Canada influenced his love for the arts and the images he designs in his vibrant paintings.

A professional background in sign painting, graphic design and architectural signage provided him the tools that guide his brushstrokes and amazing ability to create soft blends while integrating various colors of paint to develop a unique bold palette. His pieces are often complimented by rich accents of 14-24K Gold, Silver and Copper leafing to add that elegance that brings the viewer’s eye in focus to a deeper vision and understanding of the image. He attributes his artistic talent to his combined experience, passion for people, and life. Bill is inspired to use brilliant, bold and effervescent colors to bring canvas alive! To view his art in more detail, please visit his website at .

Artist Statement

As an artist we are accountable to use the gifts we are blessed with to share beauty and life with those around us in a hope that we will bring great joy and solitude through even a brief moment of observance, while communicating to touch the inner thoughts and visions we all contemplate.

Bill creates original acrylic paintings utilizing bold and vivid colors to communicate Life, Laughter, Harmony and Energy to enhance people's lives and bring happiness and balance to the world we reside in.

Recent Art Shows and Festivals:

Arizona Historical Society Museum-Feb.-Aug. 2012
Phoenix Suns-"Free Throw" Magazine-Cover Art-March 2011
Fountain Hills Festival of the Arts- April 2011
BCS Bud Light Festival/Scottsdale Fifth Ave Artisans Market- Jan 2011
West Valley National Bank-Glendale-Solo Exhibit-May-July 2010
NEXT, Inc.-Solo Exhibit-August 2009
Reliance Management, Inc.-Solo Exhibit/Biltmore Offices-December 2009-May 2010
Sunnyslope ArtWalk-Oct. 2010
Tucson 4th Avenue Street Festival-Fall 2009
Scottsdale Art Walk-Artisans Market 2009-2010
Scottsdale GreenStreet Event-Nov 2009
Tempe Festival of the Arts – Fall/2008
Scottsdale Festival of the Arts-2008
Scottsdale Sunday Affair - 2008
Scottsdale Festival of the Arts-2007 & 2006


Cool Maine Coon by Bill Manson


Old Man Hawk-Artist Rendition by Bill Manson


Jazz Quartet IV by Bill Manson


Jerry Garcia-It's A Me Thing by Bill Manson


Carlos Santana-Magical Musica by Bill Manson


Three's Comedy by Bill Manson


Beatles-Lonely Hearts Club Band by Bill Manson


George Carli So What by Bill Manson


Cheech and Chong Still Smokin by Bill Manson


Richard Pryor Live and Well by Bill Manson


Fire Tulips by Bill Manson


Einstein-Relative Thinking by Bill Manson


Sitting Bull by Bill Manson


Marilyn Monroe-Sultry by Bill Manson


Audrey Hepburn-Eyes for You by Bill Manson


Lenny Kravitz-The Rebirth of Rock by Bill Manson


Eddie Vedder-Eddie Live by Bill Manson


Bruce Springsteen-An American Boy by Bill Manson


The Original Elvis by Bill Manson


Dizzy by Bill Manson


Miles Davis-Miles and Miles Away by Bill Manson


Live to Ride by Bill Manson


Energy of Life by Bill Manson


Einstein-All Things Relative by Bill Manson


Einstein-In the Moment by Bill Manson


Einstein-Professor by Bill Manson


Tiger Woods-Playing in the Sandbox by Bill Manson


Fast Break by Bill Manson


Steve Nash-Vision of Scoring by Bill Manson


Mr Assist Steve Nash by Bill Manson


Kurt Warner-In The Zone by Bill Manson


Legends of Laughter by Bill Manson


Morning Shower by Bill Manson


Saxy Reflection SOLD by Bill Manson


Coyote Harmony by Bill Manson


Harmony in Strings by Bill Manson


Harmony in Jazz by Bill Manson


Harmony in Dance by Bill Manson


Harmony in Motion by Bill Manson


Harmony in Guitar by Bill Manson


Harmony IV by Bill Manson


Harmony V by Bill Manson


Harmony VI by Bill Manson


Harmony I by Bill Manson


Harmony II by Bill Manson


Harmony III by Bill Manson


Blues and Purple Rhapsody by Bill Manson


Smiley by Bill Manson